Financial Planning

We offer comprehensive financial planning encompassing not only your financial plans but your life plans as well.

What do you really want your money to do for you? We believe in a lifestyle-based approach to financial planning that works to identify your life goals and aspirations and then create a financial plan to help achieve them. This includes helping those in their peak career years, approaching and in retirement, as well as small business owners to align their financial assets with their long-term aspirations.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement is a big step – are you ready for it?

Letting go of your career is only the start of retirement. There are many considerations when retiring like:

How much money do I need to cover my yearly expenses?
How long am I going to live?
What happens if my spouse dies? Or if I die first?
What happens if I need extended medical or nursing care?

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Tax Planning

Just the word taxes seems to stress some people out. But taxes can be used in a variety of different ways to structure your financial plan, helping to ensure you keep the most money possible to use in retirement. We will assist in creating an efficient financial plan, using both pre and post-tax dollars so that tax issues will not come up at a later date and impact your retirement income.

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Investment Management

We utilize technology and continual evaluation to ensure your investments stay on track with you. Our investment programs are non-biased and non-emotional, making your money work for you and exposing it to less unnecessary risk.

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Insurance Planning

Insurance is an important facet of financial planning. Insurance can be used in several different ways to fill important holes in your plan. From Life Insurance to Long Term Care Insurance, adding a policy to your plan might help prevent an unscheduled diversion from your goals.

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College Planning

Is College Planning a part of your Legacy Planning? You can set up college accounts for your children and grandchildren dedicated to their educational growth. There are a variety of Minor Accounts to choose from. Ensuring your legacy through college planning is an primary goal for many.

Our Road 2 Tomorrow College Planning program helps guide you through the process starting when your child or grandchild is in high school through their college years. Our focus is to help you get college paid for without jeopardizing your and your children’s retirement plan.

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Estate Planning

Your legacy isn’t always just a financial plan; it’s your life’s work, your values, your beliefs, your dreams for your family. We work with you to ensure all of these are included in your Legacy Planning.

Legacy Planning is integral to your overall financial plan. Many people hope to pass on as much of themselves as they can to their families.

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Continuity & Succession Planning

For Advisors: They say many hands make light work. We offer several types of Continuity and Succession Plans so you can ensure your clients are taken care of not matter what. Working together, we can help set up and execute both your Continuity Plan and Succession Plan.

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