EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution.

This is the amount calculated by colleges determining how much your family is expected to pay for college each year. It’s based on both parent and child income and varies from college to college.

Schedule a CP One-on-One with us and we can walk you through your EFC calculations.

What exactly makes up the formula for the EFC? Click below to learn more about it.

EFC Formula

COURSE BASIC: Creating an Account with the Federal Student Aid Office

You will file your FAFSA form for financial aid through the Federal Student Aid Office. You can create an online account and will use this website for all of your financial aid needs.

This video tutorial shows you how to set up your account. Knowing how to set up can be a bit tricky depending on yours and your parents’ financial status.

Set up your account here.

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COURSE BASIC: Early Steps to Saving for College

The National Association of Student Aid Administrators has created a savings chart outlining different ways to start your child’s college savings.

The chart shows how each method of saving is reported on the FAFSA and how it could impact your child’s ability to receive financial aid.

Check it out below and START SAVING!

Start Saving!

COURSE BASIC: What Happens After I Submit My FAFSA?

This short video describes the post-submission process. What do you do next? Can you check your progress online? What is the SAR? What happens if I need to add schools after I apply? Will they tell me how much aid I can get at each school? How is the money I receive applied? Do I have to complete a FAFSA each year?

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What is the difference between a 529 and an UTMA/UGMA?

There are several differences between 529 accounts and UTMA/UGMA accounts. A primary difference is 529 accounts must be used for educational purposes only. UTMA/UGMA accounts can be used for anything once the minor child reaches the age of maturity.

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Student Loan FAQs

Taking out student loans can be a daunting concept, whether your child is handling these loans on their own or if you are working together to secure them.

Click below for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about student loans, how to apply for them, and what types of loans are available.

Student Loan FAQs

2022-23 College Application Deadlines

Deadlines for college applications vary by college, but there are general guidelines for applying.

Here are the most common application deadlines for the 2022-23 school year.

Application Deadlines

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