Insurance Planning

Insurance is an important facet of financial planning. Insurance can be used in several different ways to fill important holes in your plan. From Life Insurance to Long Term Care Insurance, adding a policy to your plan might help prevent an unscheduled diversion from your goals.

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Long Term Care

Are you prepared to care for your spouse if their health deteriorates? Are you prepared to move them to an assisted living facility or would you prefer they stay home and receive care in their own environment? The cost of in-home care can be staggering. Click below to see what it is in your state.

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Insured At Every Stage: The Golden Years

Later adulthood brings with it just as many changes and opportunities as the bloom of youth. If you have children setting out on their own paths, many aspects of your financial life and priorities change. And whether you have children or not, approaching retirement has a way of crystallizing your financial focus.

At this stage, you may very likely be at the height of your earning power and near your peak savings as you lay the groundwork for retirement. During this final leg to retirement–and throughout your retirement period–wealth protection is critical.

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