Retirement Planning

Retirement is a big step – are you ready for it?

Letting go of your career is only the start of retirement. There are many considerations when retiring like:

How much money do I need to cover my yearly expenses?
How long am I going to live?

What happens if my spouse dies? Or if I die first?

What happens if I need extended medical or nursing care?

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How Do I Start My Retirement Plan?

When you start to think about retirement, you need to analyze your life – top to bottom. Firstly, you must identify your core values to ensure that the rest of your life is lived with the intention of upholding those values. Secondly, you must consider your retirement budget. We can help you with both!

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Where Will Your Retirement Funds Come From?

According to a study conducted by the American Advisors Group, different generations have a different answer for this question. Are they all realistic? Why are they so different?

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