Dirty Dogs Mobile Pet Grooming

Welcome to Dirty Dogs, your mobile pet grooming studio! Your customers are excited to use your mobile services – their lives are keeping them all pretty busy lately and their little furry friends need you! Review your overhead below.

Website: $15/month self hosted
Mobile Studio Payment: $600/month
Gas: $300/month
Supplies: $1200/month
Advertising: $100/month
Insurance: $150/month

Start-Up Cash

Your First Month’s P&L Spreadsheet

Each month, you will do a P&L Spreadsheet for your business. This spreadsheet will measure your monthly PROFIT & LOSS. P&Ls are very important to your business. You must accurately track where your income comes from and where it must go in order to maintain your business. Your first month of business was May, so June 1st is the time to calculate what you made.

These amounts may or may not vary from month to month. All businesses will incur expenses you did not expect, so having cash on hand is a must.

Looks like your profit was fairly small this month. But don’t worry – this is the type of business where you need to build up your client base and they will all return for your services, and you started with a good Cash Balance ($8,000!). Maybe think about offering some coupons next month to bring in more customers.

Use the spreadsheet below to calculate your “What ifs.” For example, change the Sales Revenue from $3,900 to $4,800 and see what it does to your Bank Balance!

Check out your first month! You made a profit – Congratulations!!

Download Your June 1st P&L Excel Spreadsheet

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