What is the Nest Egg Legacy Planning Masterclass?

The Nest Egg Legacy Planning Masterclass is a virtual module-structured estate planning masterclass, simplifying the preparation and process for each estate planning stepping stone to achieve the most comprehensive, holistic plan for your family. The Nest Egg course consists of five (5) modules, each with a webinar and fillable worksheets. The webinar breaks down what information is needed and why it is needed and the worksheets help you organize your info and thoughts in a cohesive manner.

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Once you complete the masterclass, we are able to formalize your Nest Egg Legacy Plan so you can rest easy!

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Module One – What is Legacy Planning?

Step One on your legacy planning journey is understanding why you need to create a solid plan for your heirs upon your passing. You will be first creating an asset and beneficiary list. What do you have and who are you building your legacy for?

Regardless of what stage of life you’re currently in, it’s important to ensure that if you were hit by the proverbial bus today, your family is taken care of.

In this module, we will explain the pros and cons of legacy planning and walk you through the process, highlighting important information about setting up your beneficiaries that you need to know.

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Module Two – Life Insurance

An important foundation in your legacy plan is life insurance. Life insurance can be used in several different ways with respect to your estate.

In this module, we cover various uses for life insurance, some that you may never have thought of, to mitigate taxes, provide for your heirs, and even save you money.

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Module Three – Disability & Long Term Care Insurance

Legacy planning is largely centered on what ifs. Insurance is an important part of mitigating the what ifs in life. Disability and long term care insurance are both principal components of a well-developed estate plan.

In this module, we go over the basic structure of disability and long-term care insurance and their impact on your future needs.

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Module Four – Wills & Trusts

When people think of legacy or estate planning, they typically first think of a will. Wills and trusts are extremely important in legacy planning and yes, you may need both.

This module covers the functions of both wills and trusts and how you can structure them to benefit you currently, as well as when you’re gone.

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Module Five – Corporate Trustees & Powers of Attorney

Creating a structure of authority is very important when planning your legacy. There are many emotions involved once a loved one passes away, or even before, that need to be addressed to ensure the smoothest transfer of wealth to your heirs.

In this module, we seek to guide you through the delicate process of planning for your final days. Including your family in this discussion is also imperative and we will give you the guidance to make the process and simple and fluid as possible.

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Software Module – eMoney

We utilize the eMoney platform with our Nest Egg Legacy Planning Masterclass.

In this module, we will walk you through the initial eMoney set up so that you can follow along with each teaching module in the most efficient manner possible. You do not have to use the software with the class if you do not wish, but it helps to streamline the process.

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