What is the BigPicture Masterclass?

The BigPicture Masterclass is a virtual module-structured financial planning masterclass, simplifying the preparation and process for each financial planning stepping stone to achieve the most comprehensive, holistic plan for your family. The BigPicture course consists of five (5) modules, each with a webinar and fillable worksheets. The webinar breaks down what information is needed and why it is needed and the worksheets help you organize your info and thoughts in a cohesive manner.

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Once you complete the masterclass, we are able to formalize your BigPicture Financial Plan so you can rest easy!

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Module One – Budget

Step One on your comprehensive financial planning journey is to construct a Budget, or Cash Flow Analysis.

Regardless of what stage of life you’re currently in, it’s important to identify your current income and expenses as well as projected income and expenses all the way through retirement.

In this module, we will walk you through this process, identifying the obvious and not so obvious components of a well-structured budget, as well as how to modify your budget to fit your lifestyle now and later.

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Module Two – Risk Management

Risk Management is two-pronged. Firstly, determining your level of risk aversion is essential to building any financial plan. And your risk level will most likely change from time to time based on your current circumstances, global events like COVID19, and the state of the US and world economy.

Secondly, utilizing insurance to manage risk is key to the success of your plan. Many people do not understand how they can use insurance to create stability, trust, and protection in their financial plans.

In this module, we cover all aspects of risk and insurance, delving into the different ways you can use insurance to back-up your investments and even mitigate roadblocks like inheritance tax, for example.

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Module Three – Investment Planning

Investment planning lays the foundation for your future retirement planning and can seem like a daunting task to many. Most people think of the stock market when they think of investing, but there are many vehicles available now that put your money to work for you.

Investment technology has exploded over the last several years and utilizing these programs for everything from risk analysis to investment placement is key to your financial plan.

In this module, we go over the basic structure of investment plans and how to use technology and old-school know how to fashion the best portfolio for your future needs.

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Module Four – Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning may be the scariest part of your financial plan because there are presumably so many unknowns. How are things going to be when I retire? How will my health be? Will I be able to afford to live on my current income then? What will costs be? What if I need assistance? What if I lose my partner?

Retirement planning can seem very daunting, but there are many steps you can take to help ensure you are prepared to meet those challenges head on. There will be curve balls and road blocks; however, you can prepare for them and we can help you.

This module covers the varying aspects of retirement planning and seeks to whittle down your true life goals and values and build around them. Choosing the right distribution plan for your retirement income is forefront in this module.

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Module Five – Legacy Planning

Leaving a legacy for your family is the final step in your grand financial plan. Whether you have twenty grandchildren or none, your entire life’s work should be appreciated and distributed the way you want.

Legacy planning is not only about wills and trusts, it encompasses charities, college planning, and a LOT of emotion. Structuring your end of life plan is difficult. Many people put it off for just that reason. No one wants to think about death, but your family deserves the most efficient, gracious exit you can give them.

In this module, we seek to guide you through the delicate process of planning for your final days. Including your family in this discussion is also imperative and we will give you the guidance to make the process and simple and fluid as possible.

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Software Module – eMoney

We utilize the eMoney platform with our BigPicture Financial Planning Masterclass.

In this module, we will walk you through the initial eMoney set up so that you can follow along with each teaching module in the most efficient manner possible. You do not have to use the software with the class if you do not wish, but it helps to streamline the process.

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