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We have created a program for kids to help them understand the value of saving, the importance of planning, and the prospects of growth. It is our goal to have every kid from every background and every financial level learn the tenants of finance early on so that the life they work so hard to build has a solid foundation and unlimited possibilities!

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How Much?

Does your child know how much to spend on themselves each month? Whether you’re buying their clothes or they’re buying their games with their allowance, do your kids understand how everything adds up each month? Have them take our spending quiz and see how much they think they should spend each month.

Spending Quiz

Planning a More Secure Future for Your Child with Special Needs

Every family is different, and each of us must create financial strategies with our particular circumstances in mind. This is especially true for families that care for children with special needs. Parents often need to consider the present as well as the future for their special needs child, including a future where parents are no longer managing their child’s day-today needs and agenda. As with many of the first decisions we make as parents, these considerations may begin before birth.

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