Do you know how coins are made?

The United States Mint makes all the coins that we use to buy things today! This video shows you how quarters are made from beginning to end.*

1) Creating a coin design
2) Molding a coin die which is like an inverse mold that is pressed into the metal to “stamp” the coin.
3) Running the metal through the press
4) Stamping and cutting out each coin
5) Cleaning and checking for mistakes
6) Shipping to the Federal Reserve Banks across the country

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*U.S. Mint

QUIZ! What currency goes with which country?

Take this quiz to see if you know which currency symbol goes with which country.

It’s harder than you think! There are about 200 countries, all with different currencies! That’s why, when you travel, you have to exchange your money for the local currency in order to shop. Each country’s currency is worth a percentage of the United States’ currency, for example; and it changes all the time. This is called the exchange rate. You must always consider this rate when comparing different currencies.

As of June 2021:

One US Dollar = 19.91 Mexican Pesos
One US Dollar = 0.71 British Pounds
One US Dollar = 1.29 Australian Dollars

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My Budget 😎

Do you know what a BUDGET is?

A budget is a list of how much money you RECEIVE versus how much money you SPEND. You can set up a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly budget.

A budget gives you an overall view of your finances and is very important. If you do not follow a budget, you might accidentally spend more money than you receive. Then you will be in debt or unable to pay all of your bills.

Start your budget out monthly. Add up all of your allowance for the whole month, then write down how much you are spending. If you have $20 allowance each month, then you are only able to spend $20 each month on your needs and wants.

Keeping track of your budget also helps you prioritize your spending by buying the most important items first.

Fillable Monthly Budget

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