Join Our Holiday Savings Race!

We will be posting monthly graphs of our Holiday Racers starting July 1st!

Start your saving now and report your totals by the end of each month. The winner will receive a special Holiday Gift to add to their savings total!

Winner announced December 7th!!

Send Us Your Saving Totals

Recycled Piggy Bank

See how to make a Piggy Bank out of a water bottle and some paint! This is a great craft project for our mini-subscribers!!

You’ll need:

1 water bottle
2 Toilet paper rolls
Googly eyes
1 Pink Pipe Cleaner

Have fun and send us pics of your creations!

Watch Video!

Make Your Own “Coin Die”

Coin dies are the molds that are used to make new coins. Did you know you can make your own out of clay?? See our easy recipe below!

1) Use air dry clay – it’s the easiest, least messy base
2) Choose your favorite coins – the larger ones make the most detailed dies. Try a JFK Half Dollar!
3) Take a small dollop of clay, flatten and shape it into a flat circle about 1/8 – 1/4″ thick. Pro Tip: Use a water bottle cap to cut out your clay circle.
4) Press your coin into the clay – make sure to use steady even pressure to get the best results
5) Remove the coin from the clay and Voila! you have your own Coin Die.

Send Us Pics of Your Coins!

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