What’s your biggest WISH?

Dillon Dollar says draw a picture of something that you wish for to hang on your wall for saving inspiration!

Do you wish for toys? Do you wish for cool shoes? Do you wish for a dog?

Having a picture helps to remind you to keep your money for that one special thing you want to buy.

Send us your wish drawings! We’d love to show everyone on our Facebook page!

Send Us Your Wish

Put Your Face On a Dollar Bill!

Click below to download the “Faceless Dollar Bill,” print it, and cut out the middle for YOUR PHOTO!

If your parents are computer whizzes, we can also send you a PNG file with the empty space for your photo! Or send us your photo and we will insert for you! Just contact us!

Download Here

Use a CLEAR Piggy Bank!

Being able to see your money grow is important for very visual little ones. At this age, seeing really is believing. They will be so excited to see their little banks grow and grow and grow!

A study at the University of Cambridge* found that money habits are instilled in children by the age of 7. They start paying attention early, so instilling good savings habits from an early age is imperative.

Join our Kids FUNance Premier for fun videos on how to make your own clear piggy banks!


*University of Cambridge

App Spotlight

DragonBox Numbers

There are so many apps to help teach kids about money! This week we are spotlighting DragonBox Numbers. DragonBox Numbers teaches your 4-8 y/o what numbers are, how they work, and what you can do with them.

The App is made up of four different activities that help kids learn numbers through game play.

DragonBox has math apps for kids of all ages and was created by a math teacher and a scientist!

Banking Spotlight

World Currencies

Have you ever wondered if they have the same money in other countries?

The answer is No! Countries all over the world have DIFFERENT currencies. Even though some have the same name, like the dollar, peso, or lira, they have different values in different countries.

1. Australia – The Australian Dollar

2. Brazil – The Brazilian Real

3. Egypt – The Egyptian Pound

4. Japan – The Japanese Yen

5. Norway – The Norwegian Krone

6. Poland – The Polish Zloty

7. Turkey – The Turkish Lira

8. Zimbabwe – The United States Dollar

Earning Spotlight


Chores are a great way to teach young children the value of earning. They are able to then set goals for their wants and understand the work that must be done to earn money for those wants.

Chores help…

teach life skills

kids learn responsibility and self-reliance

teach teamwork

reinforce respect

build a strong work ethic

improve planning and time management skills

Click below to download a Chore Chart for your little one. They don’t have to do everything on the list, but the more they do, the more they earn. Set a goal of 5-8 chores per day to earn their sticker. Then give their stickers a monetary value, like $1.00. They are able to earn $7.00 per week toward something they want.

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