Seven Signs You Will Be Successful

Want to be successful in life? Forbes magazine put together a list of signs that you will be!

1. You find your own inspiration. Self-sufficiency is key!
2. Your character is sound. Who you are now is who you will be in the future. Determined? Lazy?
3. You’re consistent (behind closed doors). You operate the same whether you’re being watched or not.
4. You don’t need following up. No one has to chase you to get results.
5. How you talk about others. No. Smack. Talk.
6. You take ownership. It’s not always someone else’s fault.
7. You spread good vibes. Encouraging others makes the world operate better.*


Where Does Our Money Come From?

The Federal Reserve (the Fed) is the central bank of the United States. This means that the Fed is in charge of the entire money supply for our country.

The Fed prints new monetary notes (dollars) and also creates money digitally by purchasing securities in the market using “new” money or by creating bank reserves issued to commercial banks.

So, amazingly, not all the money we use in the United States is in paper or coin form.

How The Fed Works

How To Help Others Through Charity

There are many ways you can help others through charity. Charity simply means the voluntary giving of help to those in need.

You can give in many ways:

1) Your time: Volunteer to help hand out Thanksgiving meals at a local shelter.

2) Your money: Give part of your allowance or earnings to a charity. CharityWatch is a good place to start. Ask your parents to match what you give.

3) Your clothes: Don’t throw away old clothes, shoes, or toys. There are many local charities that accept donations.

Once you begin earning yourself, it is important to remember those who do not have the same opportunities as you. Continue your giving throughout your life and you can make a real difference for many people.

App Spotlight


Bankaroo is a virtual bank for kids!

Bankaroo allows you to set savings goals and manage your money across savings, checking, and charity accounts.

You can even transfer funds to your annoying kid sister!

The best part (for your PARENTS) is its subscription tracker for all those games and apps that cost money EVERY MONTH!

And get this, Bankaroo was started by an 11 year old KID!

Banking Spotlight

Debit Card

Greenlight makes a DEBIT CARD controlled by parents and used by kids.

Getting used to having accessible money and not spending it all in one shot is an important lesson for any kid. Your parents put money on the card and you spend it. Simple as that.

However, you must learn to spend responsibly so you will have enough money to last until your next deposit.

You can reference your monthly budget to make sure your spending stays in check.

One sign-up on Greenlights gets you access to debit cards for up to 5 kids. Parents can put spend controls on for certain stores, allowance can be automated, and they are enabled for Google and Apply Pay.

The benefits of properly learning how to budget with a debit card will last you a lifetime.

Check out Greenlight here and download a BUDGET below.

Earning Spotlight


Babysitting is as old as time. Your parents did it. Their parents did it. And their parents did it. It’s a great way to learn real responsibility.

You can start at home. Do you have a younger sibling? Offer to watch them while your parents go out to dinner. Offer to help them with homework or just take them for a neighborhood walk. You can always pick up a little extra cash this way.

Friends and neighbors are generally happy to have kids they know and trust watch their little ones as well.

You can flyer your neighborhood or even advertise online on sites such as NextDoor. Always make sure your parents check out your prospects first and get all the necessary information for you.

Once you are known for your skills, people will contact you all the time for your services!

Pro Tip: Get First Aid and/or CPR certified at your local community center or online with the Red Cross!

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