College Planning Program

Do you and your children feel prepared for negotiating the college application process? Have you started yet? Are you too late? Have you weighed the cost of your college choice with acceptance chances and major specific outcomes? If this sounds like a daunting process, that’s because IT IS! College planning goes much further than picking a college, applying, and packing up the station wagon.

We have developed NAME to help you navigate this tough, and extremely important, process. We help you determine your EFC, or expected family contribution; your college choices’ NET costs; the impact of your financial situation, including investments on your child’s financial aid chances; and more.

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Do You Know Your Choice’s NET COST?

Did you know that the advertised cost of the college of your choice may not be the actual NET cost you are required to pay? Colleges all apply discounts, need-based awards, and merit-based awards to their “sticker price.” AND you can actually negotiate that cost! There is much more than meets the eye when looking at college costs such as “How much will my investments impact my child’s ability to receive financial aid?”

See our sample Net Cost Calculator below. This calculator shows how different aspects of your financial situation can impact your school’s NET COST versus their advertised cost. Our College Planning Program will help you find the NET COST of your college choices.

Sample Net Price Calculator

Student Loan FAQ

There’s a lot to know about student loans. Click here for a few Frequently Asked Questions about student loans.

Make sure to find our your NET COST for college before applying for any student loans. You may be eligible for aid and will not have to borrow as much.