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Is College Planning a part of your Legacy Planning? You can set up college accounts for your children and grandchildren dedicated to their educational growth. There are a variety of Minor Accounts to choose from. Ensuring your legacy through college planning is an primary goal for many.

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What is the difference between a 529 and an UTMA/UGMA?

There are several differences between 529 accounts and UTMA/UGMA accounts. A primary difference is 529 accounts must be used for educational purposes only. UTMA/UGMA accounts can be used for anything once the minor child reaches the age of maturity.

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Is College Worth It?

The decision to attend college is a serious one, and it has lifelong implications. Changes in the US economy and employment market, along with a revolution in technology, are causing high school graduates and their families to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of a traditional college education.

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