Peer Accountability Groups

In our Kids FUNance program, you can join a Peer Accountability Group to help keep you accountable to yourself, your plans, and your goals. reports that people are 65 percent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person.* After stating goals, sharing goals is one of the best motivators to accomplishing them.

Our Peer Accountability Groups (PAGs) are a great place to measure what you’ve learned about saving, setting and achieving goals, and investing. Join a PAG here!

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Top Peer Accountability Groups!

Celebrate our Top Peer Accountability Groups with us. These groups earned the top spots on our TPAG board this month.

They worked hard and saved their money, accomplishing their stated goals for the month. Setting and reaching savings goals is one of the fundamentals of good money management practices.

Great job!!

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Kids FUNance Savings Challenge

This chart shows the potential savings for a specified weekly deposit into your savings account, piggy bank, etc.

You can see how quickly SMALL deposits can grow into LARGE savings! We use a chart like this in our PAGs. As part of the “Savings Race” you can grow your savings exponentially!

Download this one to use on your own!

Download Savings Challenge Chart Here

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