Reciprocity The Science of Love

By Nicholas Yrizarry, BFA™, President & CEO, Align Wealth Advisors

Reciprocity equals oneness. When one energy or action is reciprocated by another, it means that an equal action has been returned with regard to the action given to equal out the given action. Balance.

In our heart of hearts, we all seek a sense of security. A sense of peace. A sense of oneness, and a union with the universe. This union provides for a condition of expansion, as opposed to a condition of no reciprocity-which fosters contraction.

The only way this union and oneness can be accomplished physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually is to adhere to the moral principles which are rooted in mathematics and physics. All energies-whether they are physical, emotional, or social that bring forth reciprocity with true equal and opposite actions and reactions, complement and complete the cycles and patterns of nature.

If we look at things mathematically, the reciprocal of any number, is one divided by the number itself. For example, one divided by one equals one, the reciprocal of the number two is 1/2, and when multiplied by 2 equals 1. 3/3=1, 4/4=1, etc. The sum of a reciprocal relationship equals one.

So, if the number is 1000, and is equal to and divided by 1000, which is the reciprocal, the sum equals one as well. 

In physics, it matters not how much energy is given, but now much energy is required in return to equalize the amount of energy expended to create stability.

Reciprocity is how all things and people naturally want to relate.

Since we all seek security of love and peace in our hearts, we all then seek reciprocity in our relationships. Which, then provides harmony and balance. It only makes sense on all levels in maintaining the balance of energies in the universe.

So, in a relationship context, if someone gives normally in a relationship, and someone receives normally in a relationship, it will only be balanced if the receiver gives back to the giver in equal proportion in order to create balance and oneness.

This dynamic, as in the laws of thermodynamics, creates a settling and calmness of energies. A union. Homeostasis. Stability. Sustainability. Parity. Symmetry-Which cannot be obtained any other way.

If someone gives energy, in the form of money, effort, time, consideration, respect, love or any other kind of material or nonmaterial Gifts, and it is not reciprocated, it will create an unstable imbalance which will eventually crumble.

Whether it be family relationships-parent/child, child/parent, friendships, employer/employee, or business relationships-the same universal rules apply.

Unfortunately, all too often, people don’t realize the extent to which they’re contributing to an imbalance and therefore an inevitable breakdown of a relationship. 

Of course NOT reciprocating causes weakness by default, as does OVER giving.

Though often given with pure intentions, those who give inordinately to a relationship or circumstance actually push the dynamic beyond the point of reciprocity-of diminishing returns, and by default create weakness and breakdown as well.

Consequently, by either not reciprocating, or giving too much energy that doesn’t allow for equal reciprocation, we unintentionally through off the natural and necessary balance required to maintain longevity and stability in relationships. So, in order to foster sustainable relationships, it is the responsibility of both the giver and the receiver to first assess and understand the capacity of the other person or circumstances before and during engaging.

When the scales are tipped, the relationship simply falls apart.

Conversely, if someone contributes or gives in the context of a relationship, only the extent to which their efforts are reciprocated, the relationship will be built on a much stronger pattern of stability and strength. Wholeness. Oneness. Order.

With reciprocity, solidness and permanence, security and safety are rendered, rather than separateness, and imbalance, instability, disorder and entropy.

Biblically, one could easily interpret the expression of being “evenly yoked“ as a requirement for reciprocity in relationships. When one oxen is pulling harder than the other, it’s almost impossible to carry a load any distance because an equal distribution of strength and weight is required to function properly and carry a load any distance.

The primary attribution to stability, equalization, and sustainability is reciprocity.

The net result of reciprocity is parity, balance, and connection. It’s what we all ultimately want and need, as the universe and divine intelligence maintains its design and purpose within its unified field of love energy.

Viewing this dynamic in the Devine realm, this phenomenon as one of God. 

Reciprocity is Love. 

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